Shuofei Zhu

305 Steam Service Building
200 N S Burrowes St
State College, PA
United States


About Me

I am a PhD student in College of Information Science and Technology in Penn State. I am fortunate to be advised by Prof. Linhai Song. Currently, my projects focus on Rust and Go.


Generic Go to Go: Dictionary-Passing, Monomorphisation, and Hybrid

Stephen Ellis, Shuofei Zhu, Nobuko Yoshida and Linhai Song (co-first author)


Beyond Bot Detection: Combating Fraudulent Online Survey Takers

Ziyi Zhang, Shuofei Zhu, Jaron Mink, Aiping Xiong, Linhai Song and Gang Wang

WWW 2022

Learning and Programming Challenges of Rust: A Mixed-Methods Study

Shuofei Zhu, Ziyi Zhang, Boqin Qin, Aiping Xiong, Linhai Song (co-first author)

ICSE 2022

Automatically Detecting and Fixing Concurrency Bugs in Go Software Systems

Ziheng Liu, Shuofei Zhu, Boqin Qin, Hao Chen, Linhai Song



Benchmarking Label Dynamics of VirusTotal Engines

Shuofei Zhu, Ziyi Zhang, Limin Yang, Linhai Song, Gang Wang

Demo Paper, CCS 2020

[PDF] [Artifact] [Video]

Measuring and Modeling the Label Dynamics of Online Anti-Malware Engines

Shuofei Zhu, Jianjun Shi, Limin Yang, Boqin Qin, Ziyi Zhang, Linhai Song, Gang Wang

USENIX Security 2020

[PDF] [Slides]

Debugging with Intelligence via Probabilistic Inference

Zhaogui Xu, Shiqing Ma, Xiangyu Zhang, Shuofei Zhu, Baowen Xu

ICSE 2018


SRA 221: Overview of Information Security

Teaching Assistant
College of IST

IST 451: Network Security

Teaching Assistant
College of IST